Technical protection

A sense of security with state-of-the-art systems

Choose the type of property protection with technical protection systems, and we will design, procure, install and maintain it.

In the shortest possible time, we will perform a risk assessment, prepare a safety study, install equipment and connect the facility to the operations center.

Preventive protection of your property is not a simple thing – but it is adaptable to your needs

Adequate protection of property does not have to be expensive and there is an appropriate solution for almost all security needs. With the expertise of our engineers and technical team, you can get a system that is truly tailored to your needs.

Effective protection is achieved through the following three pillars:

1. Electronic security technology – anti-burglary system

  • Alarm systems report intrusion attempt into your protected area in a timely manner
  • Video systems for early detection of attempted intrusions and providing evidence as the most effective deterrent
  • Alarm system management and system maintenance is a very important segment

2. Fire alarm system

  • In the event of fire, a quick response is crucial to save lives and protect property
  • Guardian World is licensed to design, install and maintain fire alarm systems
  • Pairing with other protection systems is possible

3. Monitoring and intervention

  • After a timely alarm, an intervention team is sent to the scene
  • Initiation of measures to combat the consequent damage after the alarm arrived
  • Addressing perpetrators live from the Emergency Control Center can prevent crime and reduce monitoring costs

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