Monitoring center

How does the Guardian Monitoring Center work?

On average, the Guardian triggers a response to an emergency alarm signal coming from your alarm control panel in 30 seconds or less. The most modern technological systems combined with professionals in our monitoring center provide you and your family with true peace and tranquility.

Security specialists in our monitoring center

The Guardian World Control Center is the very center of our security operations – full of activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security experts are highly trained, always alert and ready to initiate the response to burglary, fire and medical alarms from the client.

Mobile and intervention teams

Do you want someone to visit and check the condition of your facility from time to time? Or do you want to insure yourself by installing some of the technical protection systems and in case of an incident, someone always reacts as soon as possible? The Guardian’s mobile and intervention teams make it possible for you.

Our mobile and intervention teams are always ready to control and check your facility on site, whether it is a regular check or visit to activate the alarm system or by call in case of emergency.

Attention makes a difference

We live and work in the same cities we provide service to. We know the people and the procedures of local law enforcement. And we work tirelessly to improve response times for you.

Most importantly, we really care about the people we protect. Whether that protection includes burglary, fire or medical care, it is our responsibility to always be there when you need us.

Basic steps of responding to an alarm

Our security systems surveillance service are best in class.

Guardian World only works with proven brands in technical protection systems that provide impeccable quality of reporting to the monitoring center. Our system is fully digitized and allows the transmission of an alarm signal in a maximum of 5 seconds from any part of Montenegro. The video alarm verification system is based on modernism AI algorithms that drastically reduce false alarms.